Fundraising Events


Phil de Fégely’s vast experience has enabled him to assist many groups with their forthcoming event auctions. Phil’s philosophy is simple; an event should be fun and should be profitable.

Critical factors when considering running a fundraising event:

  • Live Auction
  • Silent Auction
  • Online Auction
  • Pledge
  • Raffle
  • MC for the night
  • Having the right auction items for your audience
  • Are you paying for auction items?
  • Who will attend and how many people will attend
  • Who will be your auctioneer, what is their experience in events
  • Venue, facilities, audio, staging.
  • who do you have on your organising team
  • using an event manager

Some Memorable Items Sold!

  • Grand Prix Jacket…$23,000
  • Rebecca Twigleys Red Dress worn at the 2004 Brownlow….$23,000
  • 2007 Geelong Cats Jumper after their 1st Premiership in 44 years…$20,000
  • Conduct the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra… sold live online whilst we were on stage to NewYork… $17,000
  • A tour of Ronald Regan’s hideaway ranch in California… $30,000
  • A Ferrari part from F1 car signed by Michael Schumacher…$50,000
  • Most unusual: “A shot down the hole” at the Institute of Quarrying Australia annual convention.

Raising money
Fundraising is a constant battle for many organisations and knowing what to do when and how, is an ongoing concern. Live auctions, silent auctions, online auctions, pledges, and raffles!They all work in varying degrees at varying functions.Phil has been involved with all of these and has a strong opinion what will suit your event.

Need an Event Auctioneer
Phil has been conducting auctions at major events for over twenty years. Event auctions are different auctions and require special techniques. It is very different to a Real Estate Auction. One of his first major events was for the Royal Children’s Hospital at the Grand Hyatt run by Melbourne Social Icon\’€¦ Lillian Frank\’€¦ since then he has helped raise in excess of 10 million dollars for not for profit organisations and sporting clubs alike.

What is selling at the moment?
This is a question that is frequently asked. The answer is very much dependent upon the event,  some things sell well at some events and not at others.  Some things are flavour of the month and there are always new and innovative ways to maximise your result. However, it really depends on who is attending the function.  The secret is to have the right mix of items to suit your audience. This is something we can help you work your way through.

Online Auctions
The internet has been amazing and many of our everyday tasks are heading online so it is only natural for fundraising to head down this path. We have been involved in many such success like the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appealwhich raises over 100k every year. This is an exciting concept and proved very successful however it is not without its pitfalls.

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