For many years Phil has been highly regarded as an auctioneer and over time his career has evolved into the field of coach, speaker and mentor.

  • Developed auction school for the Fowles Auction Group
  • Commenced coaching real estate auctioneer
  • Attained the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Training with the REIV
  • Attained the Certificate IV in Real Estate
  • Developed “Auctioneer Assist”
  • Training with REIT
  • Developed “Sales Assist
  • Developed Jen Gaunt Way
  • Developed Caporn Young Way
  • Buxton Novice Auction School and Competition
  • Marshall WhiteNovice Auction School and Competition
  • Jellis Craig Auction Competition
  • Fletchers Auction Competition
  • Developed Sales Assist for industries including of real estate, automotive, finance and accounting, building, information technology and sports marketing.

  • The Strategy of a Auction
  • Auction Campaign Formula
  • Delivery and technique
  • Auction History and Philosophy
  • Voice projection
  • Energy at an Auction
  • The Power of Three
  • How we communicate and how to use communication to create an advantage
  • Understanding personality types
  • Analysing the Chain of Responsibility during the sale process
  • Review and measure your business practice, question old habits
  • Customer Service -the customer journey
  • Sourcing new customers and creating a pipeline
  • Creating customer nurturing programs, understanding touch points
  • The power of referral
  • Establishment of systems for regular role-play sessions

[Auctioneer Competitions]

Auctioneer Competitions are a great way to improve your delivery. Whether they be novice/rookie or senior, the competitions really make an auctioneer analyse their delivery and really understand who they are as an auctioneer.

Some past winners who have spent time with Phil…..

Justin Long – 2005 Australasian and Vic Champion
Scott Kennedy-Green – 2006 Australasian & NSW Champion
Matthew Young – 2011 Vic Champion
Rob Mason – 2012 2013 WA Championand 2012 Australasian Finalist
Jeremy Tyrrell – 2012, 2013 Vic Champion
Spiro Drossos – 2005 Vic Novice Champion
Mark Verrocchi – 2011 Vic Novice Champion

Michael Kelly – 2012 Vic Novice Champion

Harry Li – 2014 2016 2017 Vic Champion and Australasian 2015

Tom Roberts- 2015 Vic Champion

Michael Richardson – Vic Finalist 2017 & 2019

Kristian Lunardi – 2015 Novice Champion

Jack Richardson – 2016 Novice Champion

Josh Kalender – 2017 Novice Champion

Charles Shi – 2018 Novice Champion

Paul Tzamalis – 2019 Rup Vic Champion

[Women Auctioneers]

The automotive and art industries over the years has had many female auctioneers. In Thailand, Manheim Automotive Auctioneers only have women conducting their auctions. Unfortunately there are not enough woman conducting real estate auctions. Phil has long supported women conducting auctions, there are some women who are calling auctions but Sadly they are in the minority.

Ruth Roberts – Woodards Glen Huntly
Danielle Martin –">Sophie Broadbent – Jellis Craig Doncaster
Tonya Davidson
Juanita Kelly – Woodards Elsternwick

Annalise Newell – Nelson Alexander Ivanhoe

Joanne Royston – R T Edgar Williamstown

Samantha McCarthy – Hocking Stuart Werribee

Jacqui Leon-caché – McGrath Estate Agents

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